Lyrics for Ridin'

They see me rolling, they hatin
Patroling and trying to catch me riding dirty
Trying to catch me riding dirty
Trying to catch me riding dirty
Trying to catch me riding dirty
Trying to catch me riding dirty
My music so loud
I’m swinging
They hoping that they can catch me riding dirty
Trying to catch me riding dirty
Trying to catch me riding dirty
Trying to catch me riding dirty
Trying to catch me riding dirty

Verse 1 – Chamillionaire:
Reclined in the seat, they can see me leaning
Tint so it ain’t easy to be seen
Police seem me ride by, they can see me gleam
My shine on the deck and the tv screen
Riding with a new chick
She like hold up, next to playstation controller
Is a full clip in my pistol holder, turn a jacker in a coma
Girl you ain’t know I’m crazy like Krazie Bone
Just tryna bone ain’t tryna have no babies
Ride clean, and style, so I pull in ladies
Law’s on patrol and you know they hate me
Music’s turn all the way up turn until the maximum
I can speak for something, niggas tryna jack for something
But we packin something, that when we have for um
Will have a nigga locked up in a maximum security cell
I’m gripping, oak, music loud and I’m tipping slow
Twins steady twisting, like hit this doug
Police pull up right behind, _______________
The windows down, gotta stop pollution
CD change, niggas like who is that producing
It’s the Play N Skill when we hot and cruising
Got warrants in every except Houston
But I still ain’t losing

Chorus ((REPEAT))

Verse 2:
I’ve been drinking and smoking holding
Shit I really can’t focus
I gotta get home for Po Po scope this big ol’ excursion swirving
All up the curve and nigga been sipping on the hennessey and gin again
To sin again and we aim to win
When brother puff on the blunt, roll another one up
We leave it like we not giving a fuck
I got the _____ in my right hand, 40 ounce in my left
Freezing my balls, roll another tree
Green leaves and all
Coming pretty deep, me and my dogs
Yo I gotta hit the back streets
Wanted by the 6 pounds, cause I got heat
Glock lock shot till block We creep, creep
Pop, pop, hope cops don’t see me on the low key
And with no regard for the law, we dodge em like fuck em all
But I won’t get caught up and brought up for charges for none of yall
Keep a gun in car and blunt to spar, roll up if you want, nigga pop it dog
Ready or not, we bust shots off in the air
Cause _____ for Chamillionaire

Chorus ((REPEAT)):
So what you thinking so, I try to let you go
Turn on my blinking light, then I swing it slow
A nigga upset fasho, cause they think they know
That they catching me with plenty of drink and dro
Saw the kid behind me trying to check my tags
Look in my rear view, they smiling
Thinking that they’ll catch me in the wrong, keep trying
Can’t it deny that it’s racial profiling
Houston Texas, you can check my tags
Pull me over try to check my slab
Glove compartment, gotta get my cash
Cause the crooked cop will try to get by fast
And being the baller that I am, I talk to them
Giving a damn about them not feeling my attitude
When the realize I ain’t even riding dirty
Bet you’ll be leaving with an even madder mood
I’mma laugh at you, then I have to cruise
Jam your number 2 on some DJ Screw
You can’t arrest me, plus you can’t sue
This is a message to the law, tell em had ____
I can’t touch, tell em that should have known
Tip a dime, sitting crooked on my chrome
Booking my phone finding a girl I want to bone
Like they couldn’t stop, I’m about to pull at your home
And it’s on

Chorus ((REPEAT X 2))

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